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YakeAir RYCM-150C dehumidifier
Item Name Industrial  Dehumidifier
Model RYCM-150C
Capacity 150L/D
Airflow 1000m3/h
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Maximum power 1.3KW
Mode of Defrosting Auto
Applied temperature  5ºC ~ 38ºC
Protection of Compressor 3-minute Delay Start
Product Size 495*405*1000mm
Weight 50kg
Warranty 1year(3years for compressor)

* All prices exclude vat

Commercial/industrial dehumidifier, used to remove moisture from the air to decrease the humidity level of the room and keep the indoor air dry and comfortable, which is widely used in shopping market, libraries, file-room, swimming pool, inspection and quarantine room, computer room, laboratory, equipment room, banks, operating room, tobacco warehouse, civil air defense projects etc.

1.New and unique design, nice appearance

2.World famous brand Panasonic compressor

3.Intelligent microcomputer controlling

4..Advanced user friendly control panel and LED display

5.High efficiency,low noise,energy saving

6.Customized effectively filter,protecting the machine runs normally and cleaning the air effectively

7.The bottom have universal wheels,in all directions,no dead angle,free movement

8.Direct drainage for convenient control

9.Efficient automatic defrosting system

10. Three-Minute automatic delay for protecting the compressor.