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KSTAR StationAir Room cooling system

Total cooling capacity: 5kW~20kW

Datasheet:KSTAR Room Cooling Precision Cooling StationAir Series

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With the function of constant temperature and humidity, StationAir series precision air conditioners are designed with large air volume and high sensible heat ratio to meet the needs of professional computer room; The design that operation for 365 day* 24 hours non-stop efficient matches cooling system with a large area of evaporator to ensure all-weather optimal energy-saving operation.
Application: Small-medium data center, Equipment room, laboratory, storage room.

General Feature

● Total cooling capacity: 5kW~20kW

● High power-efficiency design, EER of standard machine is above 3.0; EER of High power-efficiency machine is above 3.5

● Supply upflow, downflow, upper-front flow, lower-front flow

● R410 environment-friendly refrigerant

● Stepless speed regulating outdoor fan system solve low frequency noise problem

● Electronic expansion valve is standard equipment, and this make it more adaptive for environment

● Patent fan design can reduce 30% energy. The fan supports sinking deployment and non-sinking deployment

● RS485, 5-meters copper pipe, refrigerant and bracket of outdoor unit are standard equipment for cooling capacity below 12.5KW