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KSTAR FocusAir In-Row cooling system

Total cooling capacity: 25kW~70kW

Datasheet:KSTAR Inrow Precision Cooling FocusAir Series

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Designed for the special cooling requirement of new generation high heat density data center. Close matching to the data center racks, this new generation in-row cooling system features new air distributing path, real-time rack temperature monitoring, dynamic cooling output and modular size, to serve data center with high reliability, high efficiency, flexibility and predictability.
Application: High power-density data center

● Total cooling capacity: 25kW~70kW

● FocusAir In-Row cooling system is compatible with multiple temperature sensors, monitoring the heat load change and directly control the supply air temperature, that is safe, reliable, and energy saving, making sure that the inlet air temperature of servers conform to the requirements and the equipment running in the best condition

● Dimension matches the cabinet, and it supports top and bottom pipes

● Inverter compressor, EC fan and electronic expansion valve are standard equipment for FocusAir series

● Dynamic coordination output :The FocusAir refrigeration system works based on the change of the heat load, dynamic coordinates cooling capacity output and air volum output of the unit, realizes real-time matching with the load change to keep the unit running in the best condition

● Redundant fan design: replacing the fault fan without affecting the running of FocusAir

● First class components make FocusAir more stable

● Dimension of FocusAir series is the same with cabinets’ , so it look very beautiful

● Fluorine pump can save more than 50% energy by using nature cold source